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Founder's Message

We started MV Synergy Solutions in 2013 with a vision of creating a company that is truly special in impact oriented synergy solutions. We are building a company culture that focuses on customer delight based on value addition.

MV Synergy Solutions was founded on the principle that, “our clients deserve to be assured of not only achieving short term deliverables but also realizing a measurable return on their investment for the long-haul”.

We’re the best combination of both, a large corporate and a small one, which means you get structure, consistency, access to a broad network, commitment and personal touch.

We have a hand holding approach when we work with our clients. We are committed to excellence in the path we walk and therefore will overcome any challenge coming our way. We challenge ourselves every day to do better and be better.

-Ajit Nathvani

About Us


Achieving Customer Delight.


To provide, Unique and Innovative Solutions, serving our Customer's stated and implied needs aiding exponential business growth.
We do this based on more than three decades of experience in understanding customer needs, building ever lasting and ever growing value added relationships with them.

What we do:

We provide strategic business development solutions through services like Sourcing, Manufacturer’s Representation, Strategic Alliance Support and Trouble Shooting for the Engineering Industry. We also deal with Merchant Exports.

We also provide technical support services to global clients like providing 3D models, patterns, dies, tools, etc based on their inputs. In addition to these we provide some value-added services through strategic partners.

MVSS was established in 2013 and is based in Rajkot. Rajkot is a major Engineering Industry hub, which gives us a geographical advantage. Our founder has been part of this industry handling global business development for more than 3 decades and has a great network of people and business entities, locally and globally, through diverse engineering industry verticals which gives us a unique and strategic edge.

We know exactly what our customers and suppliers expect from us and we fulfill not only their stated needs but also their implied needs. We believe, commitment, transparency and communication are the main pillars for a good relationship. Enough said, let’s Synergize and Grow Together.

At Your Service

Manufacturers Representation and Sourcing

We specialize in strategic global business development and are able to add a lot of value to it based on 3 decades of experience.

In the process, we support;

  • The global buyers in achieving their strategic buying goals of Quality, Value (with cost effectiveness) and Sustainability.
  • The Manufacturers in improving their exposure, support systems, commitment, transparency, uninterrupted flow of information, etc. We ensure delivery in time, with the assured quality and at cost effective pricing. Backing this with an excellent service that ensures growth in business.

It’s a complete handholding experience, beginning with lead generation followed by RFQ/Inquiry, Order placement and execution to receipt of payment. We support you in almost every step of the process.

From the global buyer’s perspective, we add value in streamlining the whole process for sourcing and supply chain management.

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After the case study of the problem, we decide on whether or not our strategic involvement is required. On taking up the project, we attempt to normalise any strained Buyer-Seller Relationship to enable business continuity and growth.

Buyer-Seller relationship strain cases can be due to payment delay/default issues, miscommunication, disciplinary issue, internet hacking etc.

Cost of streamlining a strained customer buyer relationship is justified because sustainable relationships are built with the existing customer. It eventually works out to be a WIN-WIN situation for all parties concerned.

Third Party Quality Assurance Inspection Services

These are provided through our group company, Inhouse Incorporation.

Inhouse Incorporation, is a reliable partner for your product quality and project management. We are the 1st Indian Independent Quality Assurance Organisation, a globally trusted partner, specialized in, Professional Quality Assurance & Strategic Services.

We provide product inspection, supplier audit and verification, laboratory testing and consulting.

Strategic Alliance support

We enable and support strategic alliances. We identify and facilitate opportunities of Joint Ventures, Buy Back Agreements, Technology Transfer, Private labelling contracts and Under License Manufacturing.

Partners in Growth

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