Manufacturer’s Representation

by Ajit Nathvani

Represent your products to buyers’ networks, generate accurate results, and get started with sustainable client relationships.

Why use Manufacturer's Representation?

Outsourcing your sales to a 3rd party representative agency like MVSS is the best choice you can make to achieve superior sales results while spending less on selling the products.
At MVSS, we can access an extensive network of qualified buyers and the experience to negotiate the most effective deals. This team of experts is augmented by our current and accurate market knowledge and networks, which allows us to identify the right buyers and better penetrate previously inaccessible markets. This means we can increase your sales volume without adding costs to the process.
In addition, MVSS offers a diversified range of services, from sourcing to quality assurance inspection, all aimed to help you grow your business faster. Our professional team will guide and assist you every step of the way, allowing you to focus on developing new products. At the same time, we make sure your current portfolio is getting the attention it deserves.
Combining our knowledge, connections, and powerful brand provides us with a tremendous advantage over the competition. So, if you want to outsource… MVSS is ready for your call today.

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    Benefits of selling through 3rd party manufacturer's representative agency:

    Manufacturer's Representation 11 Benefits
    • More Experienced, Multifaceted Salesforce
    • Immediate Market Access
    • Existing, Strong Buyer Relationships
    • Significantly Reduced Turnover
    • Only Product Training Required
    • Lower Sales Costs
    • Wider Coverage
    • Better Market Knowledge
    • Multi-Product Platform Selling Adds Value and Broader Market Penetration
    • Low-risk Niche Market Exploration
    • Problem Solving, Consultative Relationship with Buyers
    • Vested Partner in Manufacturer's Success

    Why do manufacturers trust us?

    • We have extensive knowledge of your industry and business, which can be as complicated as multiple product lines and as simple as a single-line item.
    • We know your customers, competitors, and the market dynamics. We are well structured to maximize our opportunities for your products in various segments like automotive, or any other.
    • We take care of all aspects of the sale such as researching, generating leads, writing proposals, communication & correspondence, & closing the deal.
    • We are well versed in the technology, so we will have no problem handling your field applications.
    • We have a team of experienced professionals with extensive product knowledge, who will act as your dedicated sales representative.
    • We are not competing with you - we are working on making the most of every opportunity to help you grow your business.
    • Our service will give you the edge required to stay ahead of your competitors by allowing us to do what we do best, MANUFACTURER REPRESENTATION.

    Are your goals aggressive? Not a problem.

    With our extensive industry knowledge and our international network of buyers, we can build a strategy that will help you meet those goals as well as exceed them! We offer service at very affordable fees and work with you to make sure the cost is right for your business.

    How do we work?

    STEP 1: Meet Manufacturers – We will get in touch with you and your key people to understand your company requirements, your product one, & target markets.

    STEP 2: Find the Buyers – We will identify potential buyers (direct or indirect) for your products. We’ll present you the list of interested companies asking for RFQs based on certain criteria like market segment, geographic location, & potential.

    STEP 3: Setting Up the Sales – On approval of RFQ, we will negotiate the best deal for you with all interested potential buyers.

    STEP 4: Implementation & Management- Once a contract is signed, we’ll manage it to ensure transparency that both parties understand their roles and responsibilities over the course of the agreement and complete the order within the timeline.

    STEP 5: Delivery & Quality Assurance- We will work with buyers and your production staff to ensure proper delivery and quality of goods.

    STEP 6: Reporting – We will provide you with regular, clear reports on the progress we’ve made so you can keep track of all aspects of the agreement.

    Manufacturer's Representation 12 how we works

    MV Synergy Solutions is a service-oriented organization in the engineering and manufacturing industry that truly focuses on “Customer Delight”. 


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